Make Money on Candynews During This Lockdown.

Make Money on Candynews During This Lockdown.

Oh, Lockdown. We didn’t see this coming we had a lot going for this year, we planned, strategized and mapped out how we will spend each month of this year.
For most of us, this year was going to be our breakthrough year, for that one project we’re working on and we just cannot wait to see the reviews coming in and topping the charts.
Fast forward, a few weeks into the year, we have the widespread pandemic; the new coronavirus.
Apparently, we didn’t plan for this.
 We don’t plan for unforeseen outcomes, but what we can do is look for ways to survive while going through them.
You are most likely home, self quarantining and perhaps if you’re Nigerian, this is a hell of a tough time because we notice that expenditures are a lot more than income and this is a problem.
What if we run out of money? Food? How do we get supplies? Well, this article is for you.
As long as you have access to a smartphone and or laptop and a good internet connection, you can begin making money online from your home during this lockdown.
CandyNews is here for us and to stay.
In this article we will elaborate on what Candynews is, how and why you should be making money this period, -Although the later is pretty explanatory- let’s get started.
What is Candynews?
Candynews is an Online media platform that incorporates an affiliate system that pays individuals to read through news and to also refer your family and friends to read news on their platform on a daily basis.
Now, Candynews presents an avenue to fight poverty, brokenness… As you convert your data spent and time online to a cause that adds profits to your bank account.
Apparently, it costs to maintain your phones, laptops, tablets, and a wide range of gadgets, thus you should, in turn, be making money from them.
 How Can You  Earn From Candynews?
Candynews provides two main ways to earn on its online media platform.
One is Activity Earning and the other is Affiliate Earnings.
This implies that for Activity Earnings, you make money by carrying out tasks and Affiliate Earnings are made when you make referrals.
Below is a breakdown of how the earnings are split bases upon their prices.
N1000 – Registration bonus. 
N100 – Daily login bonus. 
N150 – For each sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline. 
N50 – For each post that you submitted that is approved by an Administrator or Moderator.
N15 – For per comment made on our site posts/news. 
N1000 – Referral Bonus for each person you refer to Candynews that successfully activate his/her account.
How Do You Get Started On Candynews?
To get started on Candynews platform and start making money during this lockdown, you need to create an account with them.
Log on to ( input the necessary information and proceed to the next steps.
Proceeding in with the registration, you will need to pay a one-time registration fee of N1500, well don’t panic.
 Many good things come at a little price after all, yeah? This payment is to be made in order to activate your account. 
You can proceed with the payment using any of these methods;
*Online payment using debit/ATM cards via Flutterwave.
* Or you can make use of coupon codes. (
On this thread, we have an official list of Candynews coupon distributors. Just in case you cannot process your payment online with Flutterwave.
*For Your safety, we recommend you do not purchase coupon codes from any distributor not listed on there and make sure you don’t pay anything more than the fixed price.
Which as at the time this article was written, is N1,500.
Your Account has been Activated?
The instant your account is been activated, you have now officially become a full member of the candynews media platform.
Then it is “Earn o’clock.”
By simply performing activities; Reading news, commenting on news updates, sharing sponsored news, posting news, and referring others to read news on the platform through your affiliate link.
Typically, your Affiliate link will be displayed in your account’s dashboard. 
Feel free to copy it and share it with your friends to sign up on candynews.
You earn a thousand Naira (N1,000) referral bonus with every referral you make.
How do you withdraw your Earnings?
According to Candynews FAQ (
Here’s how you withdraw your earnings:
The Withdrawal Form is always available every day and you can request your earnings any time given that you meet our minimum withdrawal amount.
The requirement for withdrawal are as follows:
Members with at least N2000 affiliate earnings can request for their affiliate earnings anytime, and the payment will be processed within 24hours. 
The withdrawal of activity earnings is three times in a month.
Withdrawal form for activity earnings will be available on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month and closes that same day.
Every member who has at least N6000 activity earnings are eligible for withdrawal. 
NOTE: Members of Candynews can transfer their earnings between themselves, and purchase earnings from administrators if needed.
Before the little cash you have finished during this lockdown due to apparent needs, quickly register with Candynews and start making money during this lockdown.
Feel free to leave a comment, question and or suggestions below.
Remember to stay safe, stay home. It’s the best way to combat the virus.

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