The Best SEO Practices For 2020

 The Best SEO Practices For 2020:

Google is making the most significant change to its Search Engine Optimization system since they introduced the RankBrain Algorithm -A Machine Learning AI that handles a large number of queries on Google-, almost five years ago. 
Google informs that this will impact 1 in 10 search queries in terms of changing the results that rank for those queries. 
This article looks to providing you the best Google SEO practices to give your website the Organic Reach and engagement it deserves.
  Search Engine Optimization or SEO, for short, is a continuous practice every website, blog… requires for their online Search Engine Presence. SEO involves the method of increasing in the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. 
It entirely excludes the use of paid advertisements and direct visitors. 
And with the beginning of a new decade, Google Search Engine Introduces the BERT Algorithm.
What Is BERT? 
Bert is a neural network-based technique for processing natural language. BERT the abbreviation to Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers,
Aims towards helping computers understand search terms as much as humans do. 
Before the introduction of the BERT Algorithm, a search term like “Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy” leads you to an article explaining how to get a prescription, rather than answering whether or not you can pick up for someone. 
The first SEO practice for 2020 under the BERT algorithm is to write articles, content, blog posts for your users. Readability is the critical factor for the Algorithm to work for you.
The world’s biggest search engine Google keeps on updating its Algorithm due to which you’ll find the top results for the same keyword changing after some time; apparently, this Algorithm is here to stay.
Get Sites Linking back to your site (BackLinks):
Backlinks remain one of the forefronts of off-page SEO. Backlinks help you get more viewers back to your website and make your website get a better Google ranking. 
To keep an eye on the Google rankings, it very important to keep a check on the links pointing back to your website. 
Why BackLinks Are Important:
While crawling through your webpage, Google Search Engine takes time to understand how and in what manner your pages are connected.
 Although there remain thousands of other factors, backlinks are still considered essential for ranking from an SEO point of view.
Getting Backlinks to your website is not an easy task, let alone from a website with a higher DA(Domain Authority) than yours.
Below, we highlight three ways you can get strong backlinks to your website.
Use InfoGraphics to Generate Backlinks:
If you’re looking to get backlinks quickly, then you need to invest time and resources into infographics. 
Infographics are visually appealing when done correctly and become easily shareable to other platforms. 
Once you are happy to go for infographics, it’s crucial to select your infographics carefully. 
An exciting story that is also unique has to be there for your audience to feel interested.
It is required of you to keep up with trending topics, make your own research and gather a statistical data, then hop on to them
Once the infographics are all ready, you would need to distribute them using as much available directories, as you can. And do not forget to embed the stripes that will lead back to your website, when they’re clicked on.
Implement the Broken Link Building Method: 
Broken link method is another great way to build back links.
The broken link method is simply a tactic that involves finding resources, articles, contents… in your niche that are no longer live, then recreating your own version of the content;
 While you reach out to webmasters, to simply replace the broken link, with your own.
Under this technique, as stated above, you need to contact a webmaster and inform him about the broken link present on his website.
Hence, to use the broken-link method, it is essential too, first of all, find the relevant websites in your niche containing the resource pages. 
Find relevant resources in your niche;
1. Type in Google Search Bar your keyword(That best describe what your website is about) + resources
2.  Type in keywords in URL: links
To find the links that are broken on any website, you should download and install a viral plugin of Google Chrome called Check My Links. 
Using this link, you will mist likely discover all the 404 links that are present on any particular page.
Once you have the plugin set up, you inform your webmaster of the resources he or she is linking to are no longer available.
 Here, it would help if you kept in mind that you must offer the exact location of the broken links so that they are found. You should provide some alternatives to replace those broken links, and include your own website. 
Do well to present yourself to be helpful blogger, and not greedy to get a backlink.
After all, we need each other to rank high on Google Search Engine.
Leverage on The Power Of Guest Posting:
If you wish to get in touch with new audiences, it’s essential to go for guest blogging. 
This way, you will be able to showcase your quality content in front of new readers, and this helps you get a lot more exposure. 
Here it would help if you kept in mind that sometimes, it’s even more important to work on increasing your social media followers or reputation than getting few backlinks.
Go on to Google Search, type your website URL then “related:” to find sites related to yours where you can submit your blog posts too. See the image below for more.
With the help of guest blogging, you are able to maintain a good relationship with your audience.
So, above are few major ways to gain back links to your blog.
Now, concentrate on keeping relevant inter-web site links in related articles. 
Try to get links from websites such as:
– Yellow pages: This is for finding your business on local business.
– TripAdvisor: Trip Advisor, everything travelling, they’re the number one go to. 
What’s On Web: 
Promote your website on a website directory. -A web directory is an online catalog of sites on the world wide web -. 
Reach out to an excellent web directory to promote your website for free. Select your niche and submit your site. 
* is one recommendable web directory where you place your website link and get enlisted on search engines.
Content Readability, Your Priority:
It is worth mentioning that content is the main driving force behind getting people interested in your website. 
This time around, you should remember to make your content longer, precise, well detailed, and also implement the use of inbound links that relates to the content topics you write on. Excellent readability of your article will help increase your Website’s DA (Domain Authority). 
Utilize the use of Google Search Console -A service provided by Google that shows your indexing status and offers tools that help improve the visibility of your website – to determine problems of such kind. 
Utilize the Use Of Google Page Speed Insight:
There are various things you can teach to improve your website’s performance. 
Use the Page speed insight, to track your website loading speed.
Thirdly, the optimization of your website’s visual content is also essential. You must place them on your website in such a way that every viewer of yours gets to see it. It also goes well with Google.
That is how you can improve your SEO efforts for 2020, keeping them in line with the newest Google algorithm.

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