Top 10 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Of 2020

Top 10 Successful Affiliate Marketing Websites Of 2020
What does it take to build a successful website for affiliate marketing in 2020?
Well, it takes a website that offers a lot of value,  without overselling. 
By now, you likely have seen websites that upon visiting, they push a lot of “buy now” across your screen and very many times without subtleties. 
The good thing is, they fall off the radar very quickly.
The only ones that remain around are very dependant on Paid ads (We’ll talk about why you should run paid ads soon) and well,  while this works,  you may end up spending a lot more money than you are gaining. 
Thus, a low Return On Investment (ROI).
We have tons of affiliate marketing websites that mainly focus on products and or services reviews and they make a good amount of money from it.
In (this website) today,  we show 10 successful websites for affiliate marketing in 2020 to take a cue from if you aim to carve a niche in this field.
10 successful websites for affiliate marketing in 2020
The websites listed below are in no particular order.
They completely “get it” when it comes to marketing their products or third party products.
They make this list because they focus more on value delivery, consistently rather than completely overselling. 
1. NerdWallet (
A lot of affiliate marketers will tell you boldly,  that Nerd wallet is one of their favorite affiliate marketing websites.
What does NerdWallet do?  You ask
Well, they are an affiliate website that majorly focuses on financial product reviews.
Their niche cuts across credit card to mortgages, from investing to insurance and everything else in between.
NerdWallet is considered the Gold standard of Affiliate Websites for several years and counting now.
An Overview;
 Niche: Consumer Finance
Their Goals: To provide the best assistance for people when choosing credit cards,  borrowing loans, insurance type to use…
Their Major Challenge: The Market is competitive.
2 Money-Saving Expert(
Just as its name implies, they help individuals save money and become better financial decision-makers.
Founded by Martin Lewis in 2003, a financial Journalist, it ranks today as one of the biggest affiliate websites for consumers in the United Kingdom and its environs recording over 7million visits monthly.
Money-Saving Expert, over the years, has set a standard for itself As they constantly develop quality content and “die-hard” devoted to their customers.
An Overview,
Niche: Personal Finance
Goal: To help individuals make better financial decisions.
Major Challenge:  Providing ethical, accurate and an up to date financial information in a sector known for self-serving  interests.
3. The WireCutter (
The WireCutter, for electronics, gadgets and consumer goods they’re considered to be one of internet’s favorite affiliate review website.
Wire Cutter was started by Brian Liam, who used to be the former editorial director of the company,  Gizmodo. Liam puts all reviews products through an innovative benchmark and this became so popular,  he and his team were tagged the “Mythbusters For Gadgets”.
An Overview, 
Niche: Consumer Product Reviews
Their Goal: Helping individuals find the best product in any category.
Major Challenge:
Figuring out the right way to benchmark a product, also selecting the best possible product to recommend without being swayed by commercial interest.
An affiliate website with only seven pages.
Compared to the websites we have above,  50em doesn’t have a large number of team members or wasn’t founded by a celebrity with an already established audience base.
50em simply helps its readers to choose between the two popular automation tools online– Ontraport and InfusionSoft, for their businesses.
Using any or both these tools, a business can make hundreds of dollars each month and thereby represent a big spend for any marketer.
An Overview:
Niche: Reviews on Automation Softwares.
Their Goal: Helping marketers choose between InfusionSoft and Ontraport
Key Challenge: Growing traffic while seeking to establish credibility in a hyper-targeted niche with fairly expensive products.
5. This is Why I’m Broke(
Of course, if not for nothing, it’s the brand name that will definitely make anything they sell, actually sell.
Better than any affiliate marketing platform,
It taps into the internet pop culture, finding a particular trend on the internet, jumps on it and looks to make sales through it.
 The real definition of online affiliate marketing. This is why  “This is why I’m broke” remains one of the best affiliate marketing websites on the internet today. 
Their Niche: They are heavily based on novelty items and gifts
Goal: They look to find weird and wacky stuff on the internet to splurge on
Key Challenge: For the reasons stated above, they have no clear theme.   (for search engines)
One thing to note about This is why I’m broke. They have no actual marketing strategy, this goes far to prove that,  the “fun-factor” itself is a good measure to market a brand.
6. Making Sense Of Cents(
A finance affiliate marketing website, managed and run by Michelle Gardener.
Now, Contrary to a lot of other affiliate websites we have listed here, in Making Sense Of Cent, Gardener herself, provides all the content on the website.
Due to this, the angle she comes from is more of personal advice, expert opinion and a vast amount of experience in the world of affiliate marketing. 
Gardener, very often, publishes her income reports for the month and the last revenue report she shared,  she made well over $120,000. 
An Overview,
Niche: Personal & Finance
Goal: To help individuals to budget and save money efficiently.
Key Challenge: Started out as a personal blog with very low resources.
7. Dating Advice (
Oh, do you know, affiliate marketing isn’t only limited to you know, the sale of products, personal finance, and the likes, however, the dating niche is one that generates a lot of revenue?
Well, now you do and Dating Advice is on this list as one of the tlea0 successful affiliate marketing websites in 2020.

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