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What is important in a web hosting company?
There three most important aspect of every top web hosting company are; Speed, Security and Support.
Furthermore, we also include an additional “S” and this represents Scalability; this helps you understand whether or not you have been making progress on your website so far, or perhaps you have been kicking the tires for a long while now. 
Now, we have a lot of web hosting services that come in a variety of price points and they also offer different packages, ranging from anywhere between a few cents per month up to thousands of dollars. 
And if you’re a small business owner or a start-up, you wouldn’t be needing ten’s of thousands of dollars to begin your website journey, the former should just be enough.
Before choosing a web hosting company for your great website, there is a wide array of factors you need to consider.
Firstly, you need to understand;
* The amount of hand-holding you will be needing.
What this means is;
If you would be looking to collect a handful amount of data from your website visitors,
 Or you would prefer to handle the management of your website completely, then, you should look   toward hiring web management services. 
 One great benefit of the web management services is, they offer an end to end encryption to ensure your site’s data and customer protection.
* Have An Estimate Of the amount of Traffic You Would Be Expecting
Very many Web Hosting platforms base their charges mainly on the on the amount of bandwidth and storage you purchase, among other things. The Bandwidth of a website, in overview, is the amount of byte your website serves over a while.
While the website storage,  is simply the overall space your website occupies on the world wide web.
So, in essence, if you do have a few persons visiting on your website at a certain time, your bandwidth would be very low compared to a massive influx of traffic.
* Have an Understanding of The Different Server Types There are
Firstly, we have *Shared servers hosting, they’re usually the most affordable hosting plans.
With shared server hosting, you can host a handful amount of websites from one shared server box and although this saves costs, unfortunately, this can negatively impact your website’s speed .
And in a case where there is a large traffic influx, they are all bound to crash.
We also have VPS (Virtual Private Server). They imitate an a real machine running.
Finally, we have Cloud Servers
They are used for mainly big platforms that use cloud services; Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, One Drive…
Cloud servers are mostly used for big companies that use and offer cloud services. Some of these are; Microsoft Azure, One Drive,Digital Ocean…
Cloud servers require no local installation plus it is very easy to monitor your Website’s growth seamlessly.
* Now, we have a clear understanding of what we should look out for in a web hosting provider. 
Here are our top web hosting companies;
The Top Web Hosting Companies
We kick this off with Blue host. 
 One of the all-time favorite web hosting providers online.
* Shared Hosting Services at $2.95/ month. 
 * WordPress Hosting at $2.95/month.
* VPS hosting at $18.99/month
* Dedicated hosting starting at $79.99/month.
When you create your account with BlueHost, They offer free domain registration and SSL certificate.
They also offer a 24/7live, chat, email and call support/
* Shared hosting starting at $0.99/mo. 
 * WordPress hosting starting at $0.99/mo. 
 * VPS hosting starting at $3.95/mo. 
 * Cloud hosting starting at $9.99/mo. 
Hostinger, a web hosting provider that has been in the scene for a long time. Hostinger boasts of a new client sign up every five seconds on their platform.
They have been around for over 10 years. Based out of Lithuania with over 29 million users in 170countries and counting.
Next, we have
 * Shared hosting starting at $2.75/mo. 
 * WordPress hosting starting at $5.95/mo. 
 * VPS hosting starting at $29.95/mo. 
 * Dedicated servers starting at $119/mo. 
 * Cloud hosting starting at $4.95/mo. 
HostGator,  their pricing, plans, packages… fits just about any webhosting need you may be considering.They also present you with the option to choose betwen a Linux or a WindoWs-Based hosting and very many of their plans comes with a super fast Solid state drive(SSD)
They have a 45 days proven money back guarantee, plus a dedicated c-panel and portal for webmaster operations.
Namecheap Hosting
Namecheap simply offers their customers a  great value and at a super affordable price point.
Shared Hosting at $0.98/mo.
 * VPS hosting starting at $19.95/mo. 
 * Dedicated servers starting at $79/mo. 
They also offer a two months free private email at the same price of a coffee sold in star bucks.Plus they give an additional SSL certificate for your very first year, when you do make a purchase of just about any of their plans or packages. Namecheap is literally the most affordable web hosting option for the foreign market.
They offer a WHOIS guard privacy protection for life, and with that you can be rest assured; you website’s data plus your vsitors data, activities, credit card and log in information are ultimately protected from the public. So attempts to hack and obtain these information will prove abortive.
Now I ask, what are you really waiting for?
You really should consider getting a name cheap hosting service right away!
 Inmotion Hosting.
 * Shared business hosting starting at $2.95/mo.  
 * WordPress hosting starting at $4.99/mo. 
 One thing we like about Inmotion Hosting is the fact that they offer free back up and easy access to SSH, even with their fairly affordable plans. 
Inmotion hosting. One easily likeable advantage about them is they do offer an easy and free back up access to SSH(Secure Shell Network) the ability to control network services over unprotected or unsecured network range.
Inmotion does also offer free site migration, Malware detection, and free SSL certificates. 
There you have it, some of the top best

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