Kids Yoga: 6 Poses You Can Do With Your Toddler


Nonetheless suppose yoga is only for busy and stressed adults?

Suppose once more! Our toddlers are jam-packed with vitality—operating round, throwing tantrums, screaming, biting, and doing different not-so-adorable issues. We can assist our youngsters channel this vitality into one thing extra constructive that concurrently affords them tons of advantages. By educating your youngsters yoga, the little munchkins can be taught to navigate by life’s pressures.

Yoga for youths entails educating them physique consciousness, kindness, and compassion in a non-competitive setting. Let’s get to modeling these poses with our tots.

Let’s flip this:

To this:

Listed below are 6 yoga poses you need to use to introduce yoga to the little ones. Keep in mind to make it gentle and enjoyable, and allow them to make foolish noises with each pose!

1. Cat-Cow Pose

From their palms and knees, stroll them by dropping their stomach and looking out up for cow pose. Then, information them as they arch their again like an offended cat—meowing sounds included!

2. Prolonged Pet Pose

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This can be a variation of kid’s pose the place the tailbone is raised excessive above the heels like a pet. Inform the children to think about they’re a pet simply waking up from a nap, stretching their furry legs and paws.

three. Tree Pose

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Describe the roots of a tree and inform the children to face tall and proud, like a powerful tree trunk, as they prolong their branches with laser focus.

four. Airplane Pose

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Balancing on one leg with the opposite straight behind them at hip peak, have them prolong each arms like wings. Inform them to think about they’re flying excessive over their metropolis, or flying to their favourite place on earth.

5. Boat Pose

Sitting on their mat with their ft a foot or so in entrance of them, have the children place their palms behind them and level their toes till they barely contact the mat. Then, they’ll play with lifting their ft off the mat and elevating their arms to succeed in out in entrance of them. You possibly can even associate up and do a double boat pose along with your palms and ft touching. Aye, aye, captain!

6. Corpse Pose

Some youngsters don’t like staying nonetheless, so attempt to make a sport out of it. From Boat pose, inform the little ones to lie down and attempt to be as nonetheless as they’ll. Then introduce enjoyable breathing games and activities for kids to have them discover what’s occurring with their our bodies.

Yoga helps youngsters develop into extra targeted and disciplined. Begin with one or two poses, after which add in additional alongside the way in which. Have enjoyable!

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