Human Hair Headband Wigs?


What are Human Hair Headband Wigs?

Human hair headband wigs are the most effective sorts of wigs available on the market. It is because they provide customers a extra pure look, they appear elegant and are straightforward to look after since you maintain them as you’ll your pure hair.

Human hair headband wigs are often comprised of pure hair. That’s the reason they appear pure and could be sorted in the identical approach as pure hair. Additionally, pure hair wigs are dearer than artificial wigs. So if you wish to get probably the most out of it and lengthen its life, it’s essential take excellent care of it. In case you are planning to purchase a human hair headband wigs and learn to look after it, you have got come to the proper place.

The best way to maintain a human hair headband  wigs

• Earlier than washing your human hair headband wig

Earlier than you begin washing your human hair headband wig, it’s essential take away any tangled hair. You are able to do this by gently combing the wig along with your fingers or utilizing a wide-toothed comb. It is advisable to begin on the ends and work your approach down slowly to keep away from damaging your hair.

• Conditioner to your human hair headband wig

Whereas your wig continues to be moist, take a small quantity of conditioner within the palm of your hand and gently apply to the human hair wig. You need to distribute it evenly to maintain even the size of your pure hair wig.When the wig continues to be moist and saturated with conditioner, detangle it very gently, beginning on the ends of the hair as you’re employed upward. Comb and detangle the wig gently with a wide-toothed comb or fingertips. Be sure you aren’t pulling in your hair as this will harm your wig. After detangling the wig, rinse the conditioner totally in chilly operating water.

• Drying human hair headband wig

Don’t attempt to blow dry your wig. It may possibly actually harm your wig. As a substitute, it is best to gently squeeze the surplus water out of the wig [do not wring or rub] after which use a dry towel to pour the surplus water into the wig. Let the wig dry naturally. You need to place it in a well-ventilated place, not the place it’s uncovered to direct daylight. Exposing a wig to direct daylight can harm it. You too can apply the oil to your wig earlier than air drying so as to add shine, moisture and shield the wig.

What’s a 13×4 Lace frontal wig?

Just like the wigs on the 13×6 lace frontal, the human hair wig on the 13×4 lace frontal additionally consists of lace that’s hand-knotted and partly hand-made. 100% human hair is tied right into a lace gap on the lace half and sewn to the machine cap of the wig on the machine half. However not like a 13×6 human hair lace wig, the lace facet of a 13×4 lace wig is 13 inches lengthy and four inches vast.

The lace dimension of the 13×4 lace frontal human hair wig is 13 inches by four inches and the lace dimension of the 13×6 Brazilian lace frontal wig is 13 inches by 6 inches.

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